Walt Disney World: Epcot

Walt Disney World:Epcot

By Giles Kennedy

Family and Travel Columnist

Epcot was another full day park experience; in which it had something for everyone.

Thrill rides, simulation rides and many places to explore gave Epcot a whole world of memories.

Again, due to the vastness; could not take in all of the areas. We will highlight the ones we visited. is once again more updated than the WDW official link. See map below.

Future World West, Future World East, and World Showcase are the main themed areas of its 300 acres.

There is a lot to do and see.

Starting at the main entrance is Spaceship Earth; the iconic symbol of Epcot.

Narrated by Dame Judi Dench; the slow but educational ride takes you through Mankind’s history. It is worth at least one ride through. Amazing anitronics and effects give you a time travel through the ages.

Future World West

This is the more educational and entertainment side of the two Future Worlds. It features the Sea and the Land.

The Sea with Nemo and Friends carries you through the world of the oceans. Animated characters swim with real life sea life in this enclosed ride. It has an actual aquarium to explore after the ride.

Turtle Talk with Crush (the Sea Turtle from Finding Nemo) interacts with guests and questions. It is worth a visit as well.

The Land features Soarin, Living With the Land and the Garden Grill.

Soarin is one of Epcot’s greatest simulation rides. You get to be carried throughout the world on a large sky glider.

Living With the Land goes through many ecosystems. It finally leads you to the Disney/USDA Greenhouse and Research Center where you see many growing techniques being tested. The majority of fruits and vegetables grown here serve all of the WDW resorts, hotels and restaurants.

The Garden Grill offers character lunches and dinners with Disney characters.

Future World East

The two main attractions are Mission:Space and Test Track.

Disney spared no expense to make these rides seem you are right in the action.

Mission:Space can take you to Mars (Orange Team) or an orbit around the Earth (Green Team).

Next door to Mission:Space is Test Track. You or your young designers can come up with a new car. Once designed, you board your test vehicle to see how it handles, speeds and faces elements.

World Showcase

Several different countries are featured. There is a reason why there are no more World’s Fairs. This is the “permanent” site. It features a little taste, shopping and experience of each country.

We explored Mexico, China, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Canada.

Do not feel compelled to hit all at once. If your family has a park hopper pass; remember 4-5 days gives you freedom to explore.

We dined at the Cantina De San Angel. Don’t let the other travel guides fool you. This was a great value especially with the Disney Dining Plan package.

We worked our way to Norway and China. We explored some more back at the Future Worlds areas.

We came back towards Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Japan. Towards the end of our day; Illimunations was about to begin. Sadly this is the last year for it. It will have its last light, fireworks and sound show in October. Word on the street is a bigger light show is in the works. As always, check Epcot and WDW’s websites for details.

Epcot was a pleasant and awe inspiring day trip and a worthy stop when at Walt Disney World.





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