Switchfoot: Vice Verses

Since 1996 Switchfoot has been cranking out albums at an alarming rate.  Their latest, Vice Verses, is the eighth album the band has released in less than a decade.  As the name suggest, the album is all about life’s duality. “It’s an album of polarity,” says front man Jon Foreman in an online video campaign for the album. “For me it’s also an album of pulling from the darkness towards the light.” This darkness is evident throughout the album. Vice Versesexplores deep and powerful topics that will leave the audience stuck in thought. Foreman sings about distrust and dissatisfaction with the government and the media, missed opportunities, and inner-turmoil.

Photo Credit : Andy Barron

In the title track Foreman asks, “Where is God in the earthquake? Where is God in the genocide?” These are surprising lyrics to come from a group that is frequently labeled a Christian rock band. However, this is what sets this band apart from other Christian musicians. They aren’t preaching or sugarcoating, they are simply reflecting reality. In the real world things are hard and people have to face things like doubt. Life is full of good and bad. Foreman’s lyrical style is beautifully poetic and rhythmic. Songs like the title track and Thrive (my personal favorite) showcase his powerful vocal talent for ballads. Another track, Selling The News, experiments with verses of flowing spoken word. While the other members of the band makes wonderful music together as a whole, none of them really stand out for their individual talents. There is little time spent on instrumental solos that showcase their abilities. However, as a cohesive unit they are excellent. Vice Verses is a proof of this. Ashley Musgrave; Columbus Wired

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