Todd Snider Show Review

One thing is for sure, if you are going to see folk singer Todd Snider. Whether it is the first time going to see the Americana/folk/alternative country musician or the fiftieth, no two shows will ever be the same. While known for crowd favorite such as ‘Beer Run’, new songs that you’ve never heard before become new favorites. Entertaining and thought provoking songs from everything about politics to suicide , one would have to be simply not listening or have a heart of steel to feel some raw emotion when listening to this troubadour’s thought provoking lyrics.

Touted ‘America’s Greatest Storyteller’ by Rolling Stone, after hearing Todd tell one story, I can’t find that could be argued. Snider played two sets to the crowd at the Southern Theater, and he had the concertgoers hanging on every single word. It feels strangely like listening to someone you’ve known your entire life, and even feels like listening to family at times.

If you have been to a show by the humble yet ingenious, and often groundbreaking musician, you can’t say you didn’t leave with something on your mind that most likely had never crossed it before.


Rachel Canterberry

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