The Year of Wang Chung

WangChung_CurrentImage_2012aWhen is the last time you Wang Chunged? For all you die hard Wang Chung fans there is no longer a need to dance frenziedly in your sinful Doc Martins with those shoulder padded blazers. Wang Chang is bursting back onto the music scene with a new album entitled Tazer Up. After a more than twenty year album hiatus Jack Hues and Nick Feldman are excited to present what they’ve been cooking up for the past few years.

“It feels fantastic and we are very privileged that our music has stayed around while we were inactive as a band. Music has to have a certain quality in order to impact a culture. Our music is quirky, colorful, deep and eclectic therefore it can be easily enjoyed by all walks of life.” Nick explained. “Jack and I have different styles and appreciate all genres of music which naturally came out in the album. While working on Tazer Up, we wanted to make sure that the records held together as a coherent album. The album is an enjoyable journey, there are the quirky pieces of course, but there are also long and dramatic pieces that are quite dark.”

Tazer Up includes mostly new songs written by Nick and Jack. Records such as the powerful yet timid Justify Your Tone and the relaxed sound of Stargazing (which is now available for viewing at ( www. display the creativity and versatility Wang Chung is capable of. The album also includes a few older favorites that have been remixed like Abducted By The 80’s featuring Rob Gee and Rent Free.

“The album was written co-independently. Each song was written piece by piece and then Jack and I would collaborate our ideas together so that we could evolve the song to become a better record”.

If you’re curious, the album name Tazer Up came from the eccentric minds of Jack Hues and Nick Feldman. One day Jack was walking through the streets of Canterbury when he stumbled upon a local art shop. In the window sat a painting of the ray gun you may have seen on the 2010 EP release Abducted By The 80s as well as Tazer Up. Naming the album Tazer Up was just an active way of referring to the ray gun in the painting.

Though Wang Chung hasn’t been active on the frontline of the music scene, they certainly have been busy behind the scenes. While Nick has been working with various record companies and scouting/judging for the BBC hit TV show The Voice, Jack has been actively performing in the jazz band The-Quartet and recently wrote the music for his son Jack Ryder’s first album Act of Memory.

“Jack and I are like a married couple” Nick chuckled”. “Though we took a break from one another in the late 80’s/early 90’s, we were never bitter towards one another”.

But after such a long hiatus one could argue that coming back onto the music scene with an album could be a lot of pressure, especially with all the changes the music industry is facing; Nick thinks otherwise.

“We have been around the block a few times. Because we’ve actually been working within the industry there is a sense of how things actually work.  Now that we have that sense we no longer have to prove who we are to the outside world, this relieves a lot of stress. The only unpredictable element when releasing an album is knowing how the record will sale. But with social media you can communicate directly and quickly with fans, I think this is a positive change for the industry. In the old days there was always the disconnection between the artist and the fans, it was about getting shows and then selling records, now it is completely reversed.

Wang Chung is more than likely to tour within 2013. Though no official dates have been set yet, the US will definitely be experiencing some live Wang Chung action.

“We love performing live shows more so than we did in the 80’s because now we are more in touch with who we are.”

2013 will be the year of Wang Chung as they plan to tour not only in the United States but also Southeast Asia. The tour will more than likely have some surprise special guest. The duo also plans on releasing new material for its fans and a Tazer Up Vol. 2 featuring remixes of fans’ favorite songs from the original Tazer Up album. Wang Chung actively updates their website with news and videos. Tazer Up is offered at most major retailers as well as Amazon and ITunes.


— Jenna Tay, Columbus Wired Entertainment Correspondent.



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