The Truth Shall Set Rap Free

C-Ro's latest mixtape D.O.P.E Volume II is set to drop May 30th.

C-Ro’s latest mixtape D.O.P.E Volume II is set to release May 30th.

Recently Columbus Wired had the opportunity to politic with Cleveland native rapper C-Ro Del Fresco about his new mix tape D.O.P.E Volume II, the rap game, family, and his love life.

C-Ro’s whimsical name is nothing short of his ambitious personality. To speak with a twenty year old who wasn’t afraid to let his weirdness shine made it clear that he was willing to stop at nothing to reach success.

“I grew up around music, particularly old school R&B and soul music. When I was younger my auntie thought she could sing and she’d gather us around and we would do nothing but sit around and listen to all of her vinyls. I remember I would always sneak into my mother’s records; she used to get so mad because she thought I would break something.

No matter what you do with music, it’s expressive. It amazes me how you can take a blank project and create a masterpiece out of it. Creating music brings me a sense of accomplishment and personally I don’t have many friends so music makes up for that.

I’m a lyricist at heart; I write everything. If I’m ever feeling some type of way I can write about it, or I can make a beat about it. My only other support besides my music is first and foremost my family. I can always go to my mother or my grandmother if something is on my mind. Other than them there’s my best friend Andrew whom I never get things accomplished with, because 9 times out of 10 Andrew and I share the same emotions.

I can’t honestly sit here with a straight face and say that I’m not a sucker for love. Nevertheless, love is a possibility, but there are limits to how far I will go for a woman. If a woman recognizes what I’m trying to do with my career and supports me 100%, I think it’s possible for me to have a relationship at this point in my life.”

C-Ro talks rap and hip-hop

“Today there is some stiff competition out here (Cleveland) on the business side because a lot of the rappers have more contacts, so it makes it harder to push and promote my music the way I want to. But as far as talent goes eh… not so much. No I’m just joking, there is a little competition but I’m different. I can show those little 16 year old kids writing rhymes in their notebooks, that you don’t have to disrespect women or talk about material items just to get a listen nowadays.

A lot of people out here rap as a pass time hoping that someone will come along and get wind of their music. I’m not going to wait for someone to come and find me; I will go and find them. When I’m not in school or at my nine to five I’m working on my music. Whether it’s writing, promoting, or marketing, I’m always active with my music career.

Sitting back and waiting makes no sense to me. The rap game is lacking talent right now, but it is still hopeful.”

D.O.PE Volume II

“D.O.P.E stands for Dopeness Occurring in People Everywhere. This refers to what makes each person dope, what makes your lifestyle special, and how you affect the world positively. This mixtape is different from every one I’ve released because I never had that ‘raw’ feel to any of my music. My mentor and so many different people have given me feedback to add that extra ‘umph’ to my music and D.O.P.E definitely portrays who I really am.

The mixtape plays on this ‘rise to success’ theme, while it is still raw it is very clean. D.O.P.E Vol. II is set to drop on May 30th, you can download your copy from,, and/or, details will be posted on my website

Hopefully in the fall I will be doing a state college tour in Ohio and possibly Erie, PA, so this should be an exciting year for me. As an artist the last thing I’m willing to do is sell my soul. Selling your soul is a figurative statement, it’s when you put aside your true self and talents just to make money, and I’m not willing to do that as a person or as an artist.”

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