The Eli Young Band Hits Cincinnati

The Eli Young Band’s ascendancy brings them to the Riverbend Music Center on July 22nd.

It’s not easy starting a band. It’s even more difficult to keep a band together for any extended period of time. The Eli Young Band has been together for eleven years. That commitment to their music and each other has continued to pay off for them these past few years.

After dominating the charts and airwaves with their #1 hit “Crazy Girl” resulting in platinum status, numerous nominations and an American Country Music Award for Country Song of the Year. They of course followed that up with “Even if it Break Your Heart,” which has gone on to become another #1 hit for the band. Both hits along with other great songs populate their critically acclaimed album Life at Best.

Still with all the accolades, TV show appearances and constant touring, Eli Young Band is still the same four guys that got together in Texas to make some music and share it with those that will listen. It’s just the number of listeners has gotten appreciably larger. Their music brings them to the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati on July 22nd as they tour with Rascal Flatts on the Changed Tour. Tickets are still available.

Bradford Iten/ Columbus Wired

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