“That’s My Kind Of Night Tour” Kicked off in Columbus.

On January 16th Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night” tour kicked off in Columbus Ohio at the Value City Arena in the Jerome Schottenstein Center

Who knew that 6 years ago Luke Bryan’s merchandise sales team member  Cole Swindell would be opening up for him on tour. Cole took the stage around 7:30pm to kick off the show.  He played “Hey y’all” , “Brought to you by Beer”,  “Get Up “, “Hope you get Loney Tonight”, ” Let me see ya Girl” and “Chillin it”.  By the end of his set the crowd was feeling good and enjoying the start to the night.

Photo by Tim Kubick

Photo by Tim Kubick

Brice took the stage around 8:15pm and it seem to take a little energy out of the show that was built up by Cole. After about 25 minutes, the energy had pick back up and everyone was having a good time.  He played 3 new songs “I go Dance”, “Good Man” and “Drinking Class”.

Luke took the stage at 9:30pm to a crammed pack arena. The lights went out (minus a few stage lights). You could see the band taking their place on the stage but no sign of the Luke.  As the band started to play “That’s My Kind Of Night” Luke came out of the middle of the stage, through a ring of fire, standing on a big black jacked up truck. He let his fan’s know that this was going to be a night that they would never forget. Man, it was one hell of a party. He laid on the stage taking fans cell phones and snapping selfies” with the phones. He signed autographs, took the fans beer, dumped it out, went to his cooler and refilled their cups with beer from there.  He brought a little boy on stage and let him dance and run around with him while he sang “Sitting on the dock and drinking a Beer”.  It was truly a night no one would forget.  He closed the show with his most popular song, “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)”.  As the show came to a close, the band kept playing as one of Luke’s team members brought more beer to the stage.  Luke continued to “Shake it” for the ladies and pour beer for the fans as he celebrated the kick off of his 2014 “That’s My Kind Of Night” tour in Columbus Ohio.



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That’s My Kind Of Night

Rain Is a Good Thing

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

All My Friends Say

Country Man

Someone Else Calling You Baby

Do I

Play It Again

Muckalee Creek Water

Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin’ Bullets

Suntan City

If You Ain’t Here to Party

(Cover)Can’t hold us – Macklemore

Crash My Party

Drink a Beer

Drunk On You

I Don’t Want This Night to End

The Only Way I Know

Country Girl (Shake It for Me)


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