Summer of Ska at Newport Music Hall (Photo Galley)

Popular Ska band, Reel Big Fish brought the Summer of Ska 2012 Tour to the Newport on Sunday night. The show included support from Big D and the Kids Table, Suburban Legends and The Maxies. An energetic, festive feeling could be felt throughout the Newport, fans in attendence knew that this was a concert line up not to be missed. The night of fun, upbeat music was kicked off by punk-rock band, The Maxies, who played a short show that set the tone and attitude for the night. Shortly after The Maxies had finished, California based band Suburban Legends took command of the stage.

The Suburban Legends showed off their wide span of musical tlent from the start. The band introduced the crowd to the theme of the night, the horn section. Playing a big roll in the musical style of the Suburban Ledgends, the horn section added many more layers to the music and adds a complex element to the bands sound. The Suburban Legends were an impressive live band and knew exactly how to deliver their music to the crowd.

Big D and the Kids Table was up next. From the beginning, there was more emphesis on the punk-rock side of music. Big D and the Kids Table also featured a horn section that accompinied the music perfectly.The lead singer had an energy about him and seemed to be enjoying evey second of their time on stage. For forty-five minutes, Big D and the Kids Table rocked Columbus with songs spanning their entire career.

Then, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, the lights went off and Reel Big Fish began into their extensive catalague of music. The first  song up was “The Kids Don’t Like It”, which caused the whole crowd to sing and dance along with the music. Between songs, the band members entertained the crowd with humerous antics which created a friendly and positive atmosphere. Reel Big Fish played a set list containg many fan favorites, hit songs and even some new material. The first new song played was “Don’t Stop Skankin’”. The crowd danced to the beat of the new music, allowing for a little taste of the music to come. The bands setlist included, “Everything Sucks”, “Brown Eyed Girl”, new song “Punisher”, “Beer” and “Sell Out” to name a few. The addition of new songs to the setlist made for and exciting twist to an already amazing show. As usual, the horn section for the band made comedic remarks and played perfectly. Reel Big Fish played one of the best shows the city has seen in a long time, they are a band that delivers consistantly at evey show with energy and confidence that goes unmatched.

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Ryan Taylor/Columbuswired

Photos by Jason Mowry/Columbus Wired

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