Shaping Our Fit Future: The 2014 Arnold Classic

COLUMBUS, Ohio– With a massive amount of deserved attention being paid to the obesity issue among the young and adolescents in America today, the 2014 Arnold Fitness EXPO transcended the way young people look at being fit and healthy.

The Arnold has long been known for the body building showcase and the strongman events, but a transition into more youth fitness events has expanded this EXPO into an event that people cannot miss.

Children of all ages from 6 and up enjoyed the unique sport of fencing. Fencing helps young people learn many things that keep them fit. They learn a distinct form of patience and discipline that allows them to develop quick hands and feet. These things lend themselves to having fitter young people.

Fencing also develops excellent core strength in children giving them tremendous balance and stamina.

Also contributing majorly to the weekend were the great U.S Marines. The Marines held a chin-up station for anybody to try, and many youth attempted the challenge. This station not only stressed the toughness of a Marine but also the importance of staying in shape.

The jump rope contest displayed to the children in attendance how to have fun while being fit. This contest especially helped young ladies in the next generation who look at jump roping as a thing of the past.

The jump-roping contest dazzled everybody in the building with the athleticism and gracefulness of the performers involved, who were mainly people in their twenties.

And with the addition of youth wrestling, the swimming for Huntington’s disease event and non-competitive tennis in 2014, the Arnold Classic keeps allowing youth to excel and showcase their craft while giving them incentive to stay healthy and fit.

The 2014 Arnold Fitness EXPO showcased a bounty of events that younger people can use to shape their future and as well as themselves.     

By: Mark Francis

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