Ruining It For Everybody?

When I first listened to Ruining It For Everybody, the new album from iwrestledabearonce, my first thought was, “What in the world just happened.” My

Iwrestledabearonce - Ruining It For Everybody

confusion soon subsided though, and I was left with a puzzled interest in this exhilarating quintet from Shreveport, LA. They have taken heavy metal to another level by blended it with electronica. The intro track of the new album, “Next Visible Delicious” starts with an electronic, video game-like melody before breaking into hardcore heavy metal. While the band melts from one style into another and then back again, front woman Krysta Cameron switches effortlessly from beautiful melodies to a guttural scream that rivals any male vocalist.

After three intense, back-to-back tracks, the album subsides as “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly” draws to a close. Following is “This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain,” the only track on the album that has more of an electronic than metal feel. It showcases the band’s extreme versatility both vocally and instrumentally.  I hoped that more similar tracks would follow, but unfortunately there were none.

Although iwrestledabearonce is very good at what they do, it is not the style of music that I would normally be interested in. Cameron has an amazing voice, and a killer set of lungs. However, I can’t comment on any of her lyrics because I can’t understand anything she’s saying. While her vocal variety offers an interesting contrast, it’s hard for me to connect with what the music is about.

That being said, over 200,000 Facebook fans can’t be wrong. iwrestledabearonce without a doubt has all the elements that any heavy metal fan would appreciate: blistering drum speed, dizzying guitar runs, and a sexy female singer with a powerhouse voice. Add to this their ability to bring new style to the heavy metal genre, and you have a band worthy of checking out. I also have to mention how much I love their quirky name and song titles. The band is currently performing with The All Stars Tour, nationwide.

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