ROTR 2012 Kicked off with a Hairball

On Friday night, the anticipation gave way to excitement as fans at crew stadium kicked off Rock on the Range weekend.  The stage was set (literally) and bands were ready to start the weekend off with a combination of covers and hit singles. Attendees also had the chance to experience the many free items and giveaways such as the free Monster Booth and the Jagermeister station where free clothing was given away. The crowd slowly gathered at the F.Y.E. second stage to see Hells Bells, Black Tide, Foxy Shazam and headliners, Hairball. Hells Bells was up first.

The band took the stage for a 30 minute set showcasing classic AC/DC songs. Band members were dressed like members of AC/DC, they even acted like them. Hells Bells did the rock legend that is AC/DC right by putting on an energetic show including songs “Hells Bells”, “You Shook Me All Night Long”, and “TNT”.  After the riveting performance, Florida band Black tide took the stage.

Black Tide wasted no time and kicked off the set with the song “Warriors of Time” while encouraging the crowd to sing along with them. In the short stage time allotted, Black Tide played many song off their first album and was well received by the crowd.

Soon thereafter, Cincinnati based band, Foxy Shazam took command of the stage. With a visually awkward and musically talented performance, Foxy Shazam got the crowd into their music. The awkward antics of the lead singer only enticed the audience and made the show a memorable experience for anyone who had never heard of them before. Foxy Shazam took the crowd to “The Church of Rock and Roll” and what can I say, “I Like It”.  The show ended almost too soon as the crowd began to get into the music after getting past the awkward first impression.

Hairball then took the stage. Beginning with a cover of Kiss, the lead singer dressed as Gene Simmons delivered “Rock & Roll All Night” flawlessly to the crowd and thus began the best show of the night. As soon as the song finished, another singer dressed as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister began singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. This change in singer took place for most every song, with different music and hair metal characters represented. Hairball capped of a great night of classic rock songs and prepared Rangers for the coming weekend at Rock on the Range.


Ryan Taylor/Columbus Wired

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