Rock Allegiance 2011

It was perfect weather for a fantastic concert lineup! Just cool enough for everyone to rock their favorite bands t-shirts and comfortably pack the outdoor stage area of the LC Pavilion.

Opening act Drive A told the cluster that had already gathered “It’s time to get rowdy!” and they definitely got the job done. Dressed all in black with matching shirts sporting their logo they pounded out songs from their album The World in Shambles.  Tunes like Revolt, Let’s Have a Wreck, and Are You Blind got even the people on the lawn dancing early. If you haven’t heard these young rockers yet I highly recommend checking them out at

Photo Credit: Steve Leibrand ; Columbus Wired

Already warmed up, a still growing audience greeted Crossfade with their cellphones up recording their first moments on stage.  Opening with Prove You Wrong and Colors the audience was literally bouncing in unison.  These guys have an amazing stage presence with their mohawked bass player, heavily tattooed and wild drummer, almost laid back guitarist and soulful singer. The crowd ate them up and started a little crowd surfing before they finished up with their number one hit Cold.

I have to say Red was surprisingly my favorite of the whole evening in a lineup that truly rocked.  They came out to the sounds of an approaching train and singer Michael Barnes came on with the force of steam engine.  The relentless energy took everyone over with songs like The Outside, and Lie To Me,  with every hand showing horns when they performed Let Go.   Even without their regular guitarist ( their guitar tech filled in) these guys put on a powerful performance. Finishing up their set Barnes told the crowd “ I know you know this last song” and got down into the photo pit to sing Breathe Into Me with them.

The last band to play in the daylight was P.O.D. (Payable On Death). Singer Sonny Sandoval went straight to the audience actually getting ON TOP of them like a surfer belting out Boom. The howling, moshing assembly  sang along to Set It Off, Roots In Stereo, and Youth of the Nation. Sandoval announced “ This band right here is going on 20 years in the making…what you see is what you get” and went into South Town. They finished up by slowing it down with Sublime’s What I Got.

As the sun was setting the stagehands were setting up for Puddle Of Mud and the worked up crowd sang along to Another One Bites the Dust and Life In The Fast Lane being pumped out over the P.A.

Puddle Of Mudd came out to flashing lights and put on a good show. The highly charismatic singer sported Monster gear and fed into the energy

Photo Credit: Steve Leibrand ; Columbus Wired

that their admirers provided with favorites like Stoned, Psycho, Away From Me Blurry.  They covered Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter and Neil Young’s Old Man.  They finished with She Hates Me much to the delight of the gallery.

The first real drops of rain started to appear as we waited for Papa Roach.  A huge black curtain separated the crowd from the stage and built the anticipation. The curtain dropped to the band playing Getting Away With Murder and a puffy and already sweaty Jacoby Shaddix.  Whatever was going on with him it did not take away from his energy and he thrilled the crowd with Burn, Between Angels and Insects, Forever, Kicked in The Teeth and One Track Mind. At one point Shaddix ran through the masses to sing along with the packed audience on the lawn.  They performed Hollywood Whore and Last Resort before leaving the crowd that hung on every note they played.

By the time BuckCherry took the stage the crowd was a jumping, beer throwing, sing a long mob.  Remember how I said the weather was perfect? It was, even as the steady fall shower started along with the band performing All Night Long.  The crowd stayed strong and enthusiastic dancing in the rain as the band got around to performing Crazy Bitch and this reporter unfortunately had to leave the show, soaked, happy from a night of unmatched entertainment but having to protect my notebook from the weather.  I don’t hesitate to say that every person at the Rock Allegiance show had a ball at this blowout celebration of rock and roll.


Debbie Bowman; Columbus Wired

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