REO Speedwagon rocks for charity

80s rock icons REO Speedwagon performed in Huntington Park Thursday in a concert benefiting Buckeye Ranch, a charity that provides mental health treatment for children and their families.

The show wasn’t all about the good cause, however, and lead singer and guitarist Kevin Cronin made it a point to let the audience know early on that they were there “to rock.”

Even with age and only one founding band member remaining (keyboardist Neal Doughty), the band continues to please audiences. Hits like “Keep on Loving You”, “Time for Me to Fly” and “Roll With the Changes,” even the casual observer could sing along.

The band will surely see a surge in popularity as Cronin and “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” appear in “Rock of Ages,” the new musical starring Tom Cruise.

Cronin is well aware, warning the audience that he will “never be able to sing this song with a straight face again.”

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