Scooter B and JJ on Sports (10/11/10)

This week we talk about some early BCS projections…they don’t seem to match up with the other polls out there. We then talk about Ohio State’s convincing win against Indiana, and Michigan’s convincing loss against Michigan State.

Following that, we very briefly discuss the poor week of Ohio pro football, before diving headfirst into even more Brett Favre talk…although this time, it has little to do with what he’s done on the field. Following that, we go into the week of MLB Playoffs that has passed (which means more bad news for Ohio sports fans…noticing a theme to the show?)

We wrap up the sports talk with a quick look at the first weekend of NHL regular season play. And in a ScooterB and JJ On Sports first…we talk non-sports about the issue of text messaging while driving. Which we somehow bring back to Brett Favre, so I guess it is sports related after all. [cincopa AsDA3SK0nOEB]

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