Outlaws like Justin Moore

On a Thursday night, country artists Justin Moore stopped at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus as part of the Outlaws Like Me tour. The warm sunny weather set the mood for the night as a parade of half lit concertgoers arrived. The lines for alcohol were enormous and it seemed at times that they were never ending. The already rowdy atmosphere became more excited as opening country artist Chris Cavanaugh stepped onto the stage.

Cavanaugh kicked off his 45 minute set with one of his more popular songs, “Girls With Girlfriends” and “College Years”, getting the fans into the rockin’ style of country that he is known for. Throughout the set, Cavanaugh played many covers songs mixed in with music of his own. Overall, the up and coming artist put on a good show, exciting the crowd for the main attraction, Justin Moore.

The eager college crowd made a deafening scream as Justin Moore walked on stage. Wasting no time, Moore belted out the lyrics to his song “Guns”. Without missing a beat, Moore and his band played song after song, playing fan favorites and introducing the band to new music. Moore’s two-hour set allowed for the majority of his personal music catalogue to be preformed as well and covers of bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams Jr. Moore saluted Hank Jr. by playing his song “Hank It”.  Midway through his set, Moore made a point to salute the troops serving across the world, and even pulled a veteran on stage to personally thank him. Immediately after, the crowd reacted with a U.S.A. chant that took over the room. Moore then played a long list of radio hits including, “Small Town U.S.A”, “I Could Kick Your Ass”, If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” and new single “Til My Last Day”. Moore played every song that fans could want to hear, not much was left out. As the concert ended, a content crowd exited, knowing that the show was worth every dime.

Ryan Taylor/ Columbus Wired

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