New Team Name, Same Old Woes

   It was a win for your Ohio AAAAAVIIIAATOOOOOORSSSSSS. That’s a really good joke for all the people that attended Sunday’s game. All jokes aside, the new team name is a great representation of Ohio flying to another home win and second place on the leaderboards.Ohio vs San Diego-140944-2

    Everyone in the stands got a good laugh and took in a great game Sunday when they witnessed the show put on by Alex Elkins and Dominic Waldouck. Elkins showed a lot of power and pace as he scored twice (once being on an amazing 50 meter try, capped off with trucking some poor soul and stretching for the try) in the first half and had some bone-rattling hits. Waldouck played at an insane pace with his passing and flashing speed, scoring three tries for his efforts.

   Elkins and Waldouck stepped in at a critical part of the season, helping an offense that was floundering in its last game against San Francisco with an absurd number of turnovers and the continued struggles with kicking (an emphatic groan and eye roll inserted here). This win sets up a big showdown at Denver next week and gets some momentum rolling.

   Speaking of the kicking game, this week the kicking was handled by Robbie Shaw and Taylor Howden. It was looking to be on a bit of the upswing, but let’s not jinx it. The tactical kicking appeared to be much better besides a few shanks, but overall better than in previous games. Kicking off the tee was still a bit spotty with a missed penalty and some missed conversions, but Robbie Shaw looked more comfortable this week and the kicking off the bench was better in part due to Shaun Davies taking over later in the game.

Ohio vs San Diego-144736-2   For the past week, Shaun Davies has been training with the Eagles sevens team, currently in camp, and was only released for a few days ago to return to the team. His presence on the field was definitely an added bonus to the team late in the game.

   Spike Davis scored twice and continued his reign as top try scorer. Fans also saw the first glimpses of new team member Riekert Hattingh as he was placed into the squad after arriving last week. He played in the Eightman position and shifted Sebastian Kalm into the 7 jersey. Hattingh played well in his first game for Ohio and showed promise to an injury riddled roster.Ohio vs San Diego-155612

   The stars continue to play like stars and new role players played their parts and showed a lot of promise for the last 5 games of the season, which include two huge matchups with undefeated Denver.

   With today’s 52-29 win, Ohio continues to be the best offensive team in the league so far. An interesting fact, of the top point scorers in the series, 4 of the top 8 are from Ohio ( Shaun Davies, Spike Davis, Sebastian Kalm and JP Eloff, in that order).

   So in conclusion, our newly named Aviators had another huge win at home, no injuries and some promise in the kicking game heading into Denver next week. They play at 3 pm MT next Sunday. Games can be viewed live on YouTube. 

Until next time, Fly Together!

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