Modest Mouse floats on into Columbus (Photo Gallery)

On one of the more mild days of this summer, Modest Mouse graced fans at the Lifestyles Communities Pavilion with a night to be remembered. Upon walking into the venue, it was obvious that the energy was high. The sold out show had yet to start and the grass seating was packed and it was near impossible to find any room close to the stage. One fan that was unable to get a ticket went as far as attempting to dig his way under a fence to access the show, which later led to his arrest. As time went on, more fans gathered and patiently awaited the arrival of Modest Mouse. Close to nine o’clock the waiting was over. The band took the stage and played song after song to the jubilant bystanders. Men and women of all ages danced and waived their hands to the beat and at times seemed to be overcome by the power of the music. Modest Mouse kicked off their set with “Missed the Boat” and played a full two hours of music that also included “Float On” and “Fire It Up”. The enchanting music along with the visually stunning light show made for a memorable night, which epitomizes the attention to detail that Modest Mouse puts into their live shows. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the show had ended and the crowd exited the property just as excited as when they arrived due to the stunningly brilliant performance they had just witnessed. Modest Mouse put on a grandiose performance and only exceeded the expectations of fans, this was hands down one of the best shows to come through Columbus in a while!


Ryan Taylor – ColumbusWired

Photos by Dalton Funari/Columbus Wired

[cincopa AoLAF7a7CD20]

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