Missed May Day? Never too late for a Mayday Parade

Review by Michael Gutierrez, Photos by Tim Kubick

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The pit was jumping. The rest of the crowd was swaying in time to the music. People crowd surfing to the front, reaching out for the band. Hands in the air everywhere, cellphones snapping pictures. Everyone seemed to be really into it. And this was just from the first two bands.

The genre of pop punk has seen a decline in popularity since its peak in the early 2000s, being edged out by hip-hop, pop and the indie rock scene. But the fans came out in droves to support the four bands on the So Devastating, Its Unnatural Tour, selling out the Newport Music Hall and creating a great environment for the show.

Divided by Friday was the first band to play, and they brought great energy from the get go. Their set moved smoothly, and kept the crowd locked in. Transit came on next, and continued to keep the crowd going. They had a few rough patches with the vocals, but overall the sound was good and the music enjoyable.

We Are The In Crowd - Photo by Tim Kubick

We Are The In Crowd – Photo by Tim Kubick

But you can always tell who the audience really came to see. If they were into it for Divided by Friday and Transit, they absolutely lost it for We Are the In Crowd and Mayday Parade. We Are the In Crowd came out with Long Live the Kids followed by The Best Thing. It was a good contrast starting off with a slower song, and then picking it up. The crowd loved it. The set had a great flow, and they even played a new song, Manners. Their stage presence was great by the entire band, and the control over the crowd. The music was great, and their harmonies were very clear and tight. My only wish was that they had more of it, with four of the members singing at various points in the show.

Mayday Parade - Photo by Tim Kubick

Mayday Parade – Photo by Tim Kubick

And then came on Mayday Parade. Starting off with the lead song from their newest album, Monsters in the Closet, the tempo-defying Ghosts instantly got the crowd singing along and the cameras popping out to snap pictures. The set moved along swimmingly, slowing down with When You See My Friends and You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I’ll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart in the Clouds. The sound mixing was great, with all the instruments coming out very clear and the vocals still finding its place in the sound scape. The sound was very polished and obvious they have been playing together for years. One of my personal favorites from the set was Black Cat, a great funky little number that had a nice swing to it and a guitar solo from Alex Garcia that just ripped. Another great note was when front man Derek Sanders brought out the piano for a couple songs, Miserable at Best and Stay. The crowd was into the whole set, and came to a great close.

Overall, the concert was a great experience, even for someone not into the pop punk scene. And if you are worried about having missed out on the show, you can still catch Mayday Parade and We Are the In Crowd at this years Warped Tour.

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