Machine Major League Lacrosse approves new rules improving league sustainability

Major League Lacrosse took a step towards increasing its sustainability on Monday. The league made the announcement via press release on Monday morning. Franchise owners voted unanimously to approve three key changes to the league structure. “The unanimous vote by the owners is a pivotal statement in terms of their support for our agenda going forward,” said Alexander Brown, MLL commissioner. “MLL maintains the absolute best players in the game of lacrosse, period. Our owners’ investment and endorsement will ensure that the competition in our league will continue to be the pinnacle of our sport.”

These changes take effect immediately and are to be implemented before the 2019 season. The forthcoming changes are designed as a way for the league to invest in the players and further enhance the quality of competition on the field.

The first change is arguably the most important. MLL owners approved a sizable increase in the salary cap. Each franchise can expect a 51% increase to the salary cap starting next season. This allows players the financial freedom to dedicate themselves to the game and the sport, and will ensure a higher level of competition across the league. These improved wages could be a far cry from the league average of $10,000-$20,000 as reported by CNN in 2015.

This new change could ensure that players like Ohio Machine midfielder Dominique Alexander won’t have to carry a second job to make ends meet. When he isn’t playing for the Machine, Alexander works as a gym teacher at Olentangy Berlin High School. MLL owners also voted to expand the season by two games. Teams will play 16 games, this allows more chances for the players to compete and promote exposure of the sport to new fans.

Finally, the game day active roster (GDAR) expands this upcoming season. Teams are allowed to dress 20 players on game day. In previous years, teams were allowed to only field 19 players. This will allow for greater flexibility for teams and could shift the in-game strategy of teams going forward. When this change gets implemented, the need for more sporting equipment, like lacrosse sticks, will be increasingly important, especially if the teams want to field as many players as possible. The league season active roster (LSAR) will remain at 25 players and won’t change.

As mentioned, all changes will be implemented effective immediately. For more information about Major League Lacrosse and the rule changes, visit

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