The Magic That Is “John Waite”

The Magic That is John Waite….

“Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.”

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

JOHN WAITE09774#13a-14.gskw print/1680 scanphotograph by Alan Messer 2004

Today, I had both the honor and the privilege to spend some time on the phone with the legendary John Waite. We had a very great interview that ended up feeling like two regular people talking on the phone catching up. And you may not believe this but, that is part of the magic of John Waite. If you are ever on the hunt for an entertainer that is such an icon yet is a real person…John Waite is that entertainer.

John’s career has spanned decades beginning in the 1970’s with “The Babys” where such renowned songs as “Back on My Feet Again” and one of my personal favorites, “Every time I Think of You” were born. Of course there were the years with “Bad English” that gave us such endearing and ever~popular songs like “When I See You Smile” and “Don’t Walk Away”. These songs, and numerous others from John Waite as a solo performer, has built a fan base that has so much respect for him that I don’t think John himself could even fathom! The public has been hungry, almost starving, for new music by this rock icon and we have not been let down.

Recently, John released brand new tracks, available exclusively from ITunes and the reviews are rolling in! I was anxious to listen so I have all of the songs and have fallen in love, once again, with the magic that is John Waite! The ability to download this album and put it on all of our devices gives the fans the ability to tote them around on phones, IPads, IPods…so we have our music with us everywhere!

The new album is entitled “John Waite; Live All Access” and the fan gets hooked on the very first track! Even though there are only eight tracks, they are the down home REAL heart of rock entertainment. From track one: “Change” where John’s heart and soul are given freely to the fans throughout beginning to end! To track 2; “Better off Gone” where you feel the pain of a love that is lost. The words allow you to really feel the exposed emotions that we all have experienced at some time in our lives. Track 3; “If You Ever Get Lonely” is so poignant with questions that we have all asked our loves at some point in our lives! You actually commiserate with John as you hear him sing “were you ever really there?” This girl isn’t ashamed to admit my eyes were moist during that song.

Track 4; “Head First” brings us back to “The Babys” days of seventies rock. A powerful feeling! Track 5; “In Dreams” brings it back down a notch with words of someone to help you keep your sanity. This is an amazing song! Track 5; “Mr. Wonderful” shows that ya just can’t be a fool when it comes to relationships and/or love. When you add the words to the song with a bit of amazing butt kicking blues feeling the music adds to it…it’s absolutely mind~blowing! This has quickly made it to my personal top two tracks-no disrespect to the fabulous other tracks! But my other one of the top two is track 7; “Evil” this is a track you absolutely have to experience! John’s vocal abilities shine in this song, brighter than the North Star!

The last, but far from least, track is number 8; “Saturday Night” is an amazing synopsis of the growing phase so many of us have been through. You know the one, staying out most of the night, closing down the club. Life after hours…. Brings back so many memories!

My interview with Mr. John Waite was something I was not expecting. I figured we would talk a little, run down the list of questions I had diligently prepared, and then it would be over. But it was not like that at all! I had the honor of feeling what the magic of John Waite really is about. The magic of John is….us….the fans. Mr. Waite has devoted his life to being an entertainer, yes, but his heart and soul keeps him focused on what is important to him. Family and friends are what John’s life mission is and always has been. Believe it or not, the forty minutes I spent talking with this epic performer gave me the insight that we are what’s important to John. Without being able to give to us the passion that his words exude, John would not feel the personal  fulfillment that he so obviously has, that feeling we all search for.

We are lucky to be able to enjoy this gift, this magic that is John Waite. I am excited to see what the future holds for John  and I am blessed to have been able to spend a little bit of time talking with him.

Has your interest been piqued? I sure hope so…look for the post “Columbus Has to Wait No Longer  For” Waite” 

Thank you, John! For you and all you do!

“There is no honesty more pure than the honesty you are to yourself”

                                                                                                                                 ~michelle mcclish