Love Stories & Other Musings

The Seattle based rock band, Candlebox, is back with their fifth studio album (released on April 3 on AudioNext/Fontana/Universal) titled, Love Stories & Other Musings.  With their first go-round in the early 1990’s, they were selling upwards of 5 million albums.

Back with a fresh new sound, mixed with a bit of gritty bluesy rock and roll this album is one you need to add to your collection.  Love Stories & Other Musings features nine new songs, along with amazing new re-recordings of the 90’s hits, including, “Cover Me,” “Far Behind,” “You” and “Change”.

If you are a Candlebox fan from back in the day, or just discovering them now as part of the new generation, they have something to offer every listener.  The rest of the songs that round out the album cry out in deep meaning with each song.  From “Sweet Summertime” which was written by front man Kevin Martin about his wife.  “Everybody’s had their road song, from Journey to Kid Rock,” he says.  “But this one is about not just the difficulty of going on the road but also the passion of being on the road.  The line ‘Summertime is my lover’ refers to the time of the year when we really get into touring.  And as painful as it is being separated from my family, at the same time, this is what I do-this is my job.

It doesn’t get any better with the melodic rock sound of, ‘Them Eyes’.  One of the opening lines, “I’ve been drunk on you, for what seems like a lifetime” is a peek into what a perfect rock and roll ballad should be.  It is reminiscent of  the way the song ‘Cover Me’ made you feel the first time you heard it.  It’s an album to rock out to, among other things… I now under stand why lead guitarist Peter Klett said, “I haven’t felt this strongly about a Candlebox record since our first one,”

Rachel Canterberry/ Columbus Wired

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