Incidious: Chapter 2 Earns Two Thumbs Up!

Incidious: Chapter 2 ….TWO THUMBS UP!

I will try to tell you some about this movie without giving away the ending.

We saw Incidious: Chapter 2 on the opening day~Friday the 13th. I must say after seeing this film, I was not shocked to hear that it opened at number one at the box office! The film brought in $41 million dollars, which is more than three times the original Incidious released in 2010. I highly recommend re-watching the original prior to viewing this film!

This horror film takes us back to the Lambert family.

Rose Byrne in Incidious: Chapter 2

Rose Byrne in Incidious: Chapter 2

If you remember from the first film, Josh Lambert, the father, went to “that scary place” referred to in chapter one as “The Further” to rescue their son. In chapter 2, you know it’s going to be a good sequel right off the bat because the original high-pitched music introduces the film. Throughout the next 90 minutes, you are taken from one frightening scene to the next! The introduction of a new handful of characters-all of which communicate with the one who have passed over-really help you get to the heart of who is the evil one! Just when you think you know what is going to happen next there is yet another twist in the plot that throws you for a loop. I took our son for his first scary movie in a theater and he loved it! He was literally on the edge of his seat, and admittedly, so was I! I was super shocked at the ending….will there be an “Incidious 3”? hmmm only time will tell! I highly recommend watching “Incidious: Chapter 2”-you will not regret it!

I also recommend that you watch this film…or any other film…at “AMC Dublin Village 18” located at 6700 Village Parkway, Dublin OH 43017  1-888-AMC-4FUN ()  Their staff is fantastic, helpful and friendly. I have never been to a theater that was so clean and inviting, and the recliners enhance the viewing experience! An exciting note for people who enjoy an adult beverage while watching a film, beginning on September 20th, 2013, the theater will be opening a bar! They really cater to the comfort of their patrons! AMC Dublin Village 18 gets a two-thumbs-up as well!



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