Exploring Downtown Columbus

Exploring Downtown Columbus

By Giles Kennedy

Family and Travel Columnist


There are a lot of places folks know about Downtown Columbus.

There are also a few places people overlooked.


Here’s a break down how to travel to Downtown without breaking the bank.


Take COTA, in particular, take the CMAX rapid bus service.


If you live in northern Franklin County or Southern Delaware County, the easiest thing to do is park at Ohio Health’s Westerville Medical Campus.


The CMAX northern terminus is here with an extremely safe park and ride.


There are various other places to park and ride, see COTA’s website.

CMAX Bus Rapid Transit


The route mainly follows Cleveland Avenue into Downtown. It literally runs from the earliest hours (1st buses running out 4:37 am) to late night. The last bus arrives back at 11:52 p.m. and 12:52 a.m.


Base Camp: Dempsey’s


An Irish Bar and Grill for breakfast?


For the past several years, Dempsey’s has been a great destination for breakfast. Opening at 7 am, their moderate priced breakfast menu.

They are located right across from the Franklin County Government Center, right in between Main and Town Streets on High.


They also the home base of the Notre Dame Fan Club of Columbus. Saturday college football just doesn’t include Scarlet and Grey. Saturday family friendly watch parties and various other events happens at the quint pub.



Ohio Statehouse


Whether you are downtown for civil duty or exploring via hike/ bicycling, the Ohio Statehouse is a great place to geek out on history.


Tours are free and start in front of the Statehouse gift shop.

Please visit the website for details.

Exploring the Statehouse isn’t just for school groups anymore.

Graze Market Cafe is in the base of the Statehouse as well. They have excellent food and do their best to resource Ohio grown and raised food for their menu.

Many places to visit downtown can be on the cheap if one plans accordingly.

So whether you are doing civil duty or planning a downtown hike or bike tour; it can be a great experience.


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