Collective Soul Prescribes Full Dosage

Ask any Collective Soul fan, “What is the band’s best album?” and they will most likely point to 1999’s Dosage. Sure a few might hem and haw for a minute maybe two.  They might consider 1995’s self-titled album. Some might even think of claiming their live album, 2005’s Home, as their best. Eventually, they still come back to Dosage. With the album littered with such hits as “Heavy,” “Needs,” and “Run” it is really no surprise.

So it makes sense that after a two year break the Atlanta band would hit the road playing Dosage in its entirety along with a slew of fan favorites from their twenty years career. As an added bonus the band plans on showcasing some new tunes planned for their upcoming album.

That’s what Columbus can look forward to with the band bringing their “An Evening with Collective Soul” tour to the Newport on June 27th. Tickets for the show are $25.00. The Newport’s doors will open at 6:30pm.

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