Cleveland Ohio gets Warped! (Photo Gallery)

Annual rock fest, the Vans Warped Tour took over the Blossom Music Center on Wednesday. Fans from across the country traveled to see the spectacle and enjoy a day of alternative rock heaven. Long lines proceeded entry into the venue as many people came out early to spend the day listening to the music that they love.  Along with the music, many vendors and activities were available to concertgoers. The Silent Disco was one of the featured attractions, interested people were given headphones that played music from live DJ’s straight into their receivers. The first show of the day began at 11:15. The early start made for a long day of music and an even longer list of bands that were there to entertain. With eight stages throughout Blossom, a wide assortment of music was constantly being played with the Kia Rio Main Stage being the focal point.

The constant barrage of music made for difficult decisions regarding which band to see. The first stop on the list was to see Streetlight Manifesto, a ska-punk band on the main stage. Streetlight Manifesto played a brilliant set to a large crowd. The incorporation of a horn section separated them from any other band on the bill. Shortly after Streetlight had rapped up there set, Pittsburgh punk rock act Anti-Flag stormed the main stage. Wasting no time, the guitarist struck a riff and the high-energy show began. Upon hearing the band start, fans from around the venue fled to the stage when hit song, “This Is The End (For You My Friend)” kicked in.

After the Anti-Flag show, the Kia Soul stage had After the Anti-Flag show, the Kia Soul stage featured Yellowcard. The alternative rock band packed the second stage with one of the most energetic crowds of the day. Yellowcard played everything from popular song “Ocean Avenue” to new music, which kept the crowd guessing what was next. The thirty minutes went too fast as the bands set ended seemingly as soon as it had begun. Soon after the band had finished, it was back to the main stage where Ohio based metal band Miss May I was giving the crowd a taste of heavy metal.

Up next was Breathe Carolina whose electronic rock shocked the system after seeing a heavy metal show. The music was the perfect switch up and brought a whole new vigor to the crowd. Breathe Carolina’s high-energy show seemed perfectly fitted for the Warped Tour. The electronic beats were a welcome sound and the fans reacted with loud cheers and applause. The day was drawing close to an end, leaving only two bands to finish out the main stage. First up was Maryland’s All Time Low. The pop punk band packed the main stage to its capacity, drawing the most fans out of anyone on the bill. They played song after song that the crowd was familiar with and were at times drowned out by the thousands of singing spectators. All Time Low was the highlight of the day, putting on the top show and getting the best crowd reaction of the day. Closing the main stage was The Used. The change of pace brought by the rock band caused many fans to find a seat and many to leave. Despite the wavering crowd, The Used put on a phenomenal show and did not disappoint any that watched. A wide assortment of music was played from their catalogue of music.

The bands were top notch, activities were fun and diverse and the fans enjoyed a great day of music at Blossom. The 2012 edition of the Vans Warped Tour left attendees in good spirits as they exited the venue. The real question now is, can Warped Tour 2012 be topped? [cincopa AoKAL7qGyPvA] [cincopa AoKAL7qGyPvA] [cincopa AwPAh560y_ZE]

Ryan Taylor/Columbuswired

Photos by Dalton Funari/Columbus Wired

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