Let’s Fight Cancer With Chris Meadows and The Murder Mystery Theater Company!

Today, I want to reach out to all of you, our readers, and tell you about a way you can help fight this horrible disease known as cancer…

Cancer….one of the ugliest words in the English language….touches almost everyone’s lives in some manner. There are more personal stories than anyone could ever count, but today we are going to focus on one’s man’s fight to help fight, and beat cancer, with his personal story about one of the most precious women in his life. But this is not an article that focuses on a single person’s personal battle with this demon…this time.  It is about the positive changes that one man is making by raising awareness and raising money to battle Cancer for individuals and their families all over this country!


This is Chris Meadows....the man who works hard to battle cancer for everyone who has been touched by this horrible disease.

This is Chris Meadows….the man who works hard to battle cancer for everyone who has been touched by this horrible disease.


Ms. Cremeans....Ohio Managing DirectorThe Murder Mystery Company

Ms. Cremeans….Ohio Managing Director
The Murder Mystery Company

Chris Meadows is a man that is passionate about fighting cancer not only for his personal reasons, but for everyone that has had their own experience(s) with this horrible, life-threatening and life-changing disease. I was honored to be able to spend some time with Mr. Meadows a few weeks ago and I could just feel the emotions almost tangibly as the words flowed from him as he relived his Mom’s experience with cancer, sharing it with me. Later on, when we get closer to the Penn Ohio Bicycle Tour in July, I promise you will get a full expose` on Chris and his personal plight against cancer. One way to jump-start the season  is to combine one of my favorite  people, Chris Meadows, with another favorite person, Vera Cremeans of the Murder Mystery Theater Company and my beloved troupe of actors/actresses!!

On April 20th, 2013, there is an exciting fundraiser going on that you have the opportunity to help fight against cancer! Meadows has teamed up with my favorite group of phenomenal actors….The Murder Mystery Company! What a team to kick-start a summer filled with fundraising events that I will keep you posted on or you can follow links that I will post at the end of this article. BUT HURRY WITH THIS EVENT-ONLY 30 TICKETS LEFT AND AT $40.00 THEY WILL GO QUICKLY! I promise you will absolutely love the show and the dinner will be delicious (as usual at the Morgan house-5300 Glick Road Dublin, Ohio 43017)  Call (614)889-5703 for tickets/information; seating begins at 6:30 and dinner is at 7:00…trust me you do NOT want to miss it! You get transported back to 1987 and it is always fun to dress like you did in that year. Remember Olivia Newton-John and Don Johnson? Dress like them…or Madonna and Michael Jackson….or like you did. THE BIGGER THE HAIR THE BETTER hahaha.


The Murder Mystery Company presents "Totally '80's, Totally Murder"

The Murder Mystery Company presents “Totally ’80’s, Totally Murder”

According to World Health Organization (WHO), these statistics have been reported;

In 2004 cancer death were 7.4 million people….around 13% of all deaths worldwide.

But in 2030, the projected rates of cancer deaths is 12 MILLION!!!   In this humble reporter’s opinion, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! The only way we can stop these numbers from climbing to these astronomical numbers is through raising awareness and

What I am trying to say is that without people like Chris Meadows, focusing on their parts of the world, changing views and raising awareness….change would not be able to happen!

Show your support for Chris Meadows and for everyone who has been touched by cancer by buying you tickets today! Only 30 tickets are left! Tell them Michelle sent ya’ 🙂

As I mentioned, here are the links to check into for more information about Chris Meadows and the summer of fundraising events:

Help me fight cancer!

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