Breathe Carolina to play The Newport

Breathe Carolina takes over the Newport with co-headliner The Ready Set on April 26th.

To label the Denver duo as electronic-rock seems a little simplistic.  With what they throw in together to expand their sound, it makes it difficult to label let alone pigeon hole.  Take their latest album, Hell is What You Make It.  You can go from the pure ear candy lead single “Blackout,” to “Last Night” with its electoro-R&B verses and anthemic rock chorus, to the part ballad, part post-hardcore closer “Lauren’s Song.”  Still, even with this mixing of genres, the songs and the album gel together because everything is built around strong song writing.  The kind of writing that creates sonic nuggets you can’t get out of your head. You know it is Breathe Carolina when you hear it.

By now, most know of Breathe Carolina’s start back in 2007.  For those few that are still in the dark, here is the cliff notes version: Two friends, DIY’ed everything, put songs on internet, millions of hits, label, MTV, and Vans Warped Tour.  No marketing campaign or label push.  They wrote songs and the fans came.  Considering, they have released three LP’s and two EP’s since 2007 they clearly haven’t stopped writing.  That leads us to this Thursday, April 26th, when Breathe Carolina along with The Ready Set will play the Newport on their Blackout Forever Tour.  Tickets are $17 in advance and $20 the day of the show.  Opening for Breathe Carolina and The Ready Set are Ashland High, Matt Toka, and It Boys!

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