Blue October at the New Port

Blue October took the stage on Thursday, April 12 at Newport Music Hall and came to Columbus ready to give their fans exactly what they wanted. They gave a performance that hit every emotion along with every note.

The rock band from Houston, Texas hung a Texas flag on the stage to have their home roots with them, but Newport Music Hall was packed with people of all ages who were ready for their band to rock Columbus.

Photo by Jason Mowry/Columbus Wired

Lead singer Justin Furstenfeld sang to the crowd and worked the who stage along with Jeremy Furstenfeld on drums, Ryan Delahoussaye on piano, Matt Noveskey on bass, and Julian Mandrake on lead guitar. They transitioned flawlessly into each song and were constantly interacting with their fans.

The lights were done perfectly throughout the whole show. The transitions were dark and ominous and the songs were bright and hard rock depending on the track. The more emotional songs took a lighter toll on stage while the loud; gut wrenching rock songs were met with bright red and blinding yellow lights. The lights told as much of a story as the lyrics themselves did.

At one point, Furstenfeld asked the crowd if they knew how to sing. He was answered with a roaring yes and immediately went into the song “Calling You,” after calling the fans intentions ‘cute.’ The song is one of the band’s more popular songs and everyone in the audience knew every word as the band played the instrumental part and left the singing to those the song has touched.

“Into the Ocean” was also played on stage and the band showed their softer side with the stage lit with blue light and a single spotlight. The tune “Hate Me,” their third most popular song to the public, was also sung and it showed how much the band means to their fans. Lead singer Furstenfeld talked the lyrics “I’m sober now for 3 whole months/it’s one accomplishment that you helped me with,” to his fans as if he was telling them that they can defeat their demons and come out on top.

Blue October gave an emotion filled performance and sang every lyric as if it were their last. The fans were calling out to members of the band by name as if they were figures in their everyday life. The emotional tie that the true fans of the rock band have came out on stage and in the mosh pit. Everyone’s hands were up rocking to the beat and every word was sang to every song that came through the speakers.

The band let the crowd sing because they know the importance of their lyrics in their lives. It could be what someone needs just to get through the day or it could be their salvation why they try and make it in reality. Whatever it is, Blue October got it and they sang to it.

The crowd stayed put the entire concert while only occasionally coming up to the bar to get a refill. There was standing room only and fans knew that they better get their buzz and their nicotine fix during the opening act because they were not going to miss one second of who they came to see. Blue October had them in their

Samantha Stanich/Columbus Wired

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