Band of Horses at LC Pavilion

Review by Michael Gutierrez, Photos by Tim Kubick

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Rain at an outdoor concert always adds to the atmosphere, regardless of the act. At some shows, it adds to the overall energy, and fuels the dancing and the movement of the crowd. It makes the water irrelevant, as you would have worked up a sweat regardless. For Band of Horses and Midlake, it just added to the mood created by their songs, and really fit the atmosphere.


At first, Midlake wasn’t my thing. But learning that this was just an acoustic set and not the full band gave me a different perspective on them. Two guitars, a keyboard, and the occasional flute made a terrific blend, and a very warm sound. All three of the band members there took turns singing, and were able to create some lovely 3 part harmonies. The lyrics, often speaking of nature, were a perfect fit with the rain coming down and the overall gloom weather.


Band of Horses came out to a wet crowd, but one definitely ready for the show. They started it off slow, with a nice steel lap guitar lead on the first few songs. Overall, the songs were chill and atmospheric, but still upbeat. The crowd was swaying in time to the music, and the energy flowed from the band to the crowd. The set was smooth, with transitions between the songs being quick. Their sound was amazing, with the vocals coming through clear and the varied instrumentation really popping.

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