Avatar’s Black Waltz

The Swedish metal band Avatar will be releasing their CD, “Black Waltz” to the American public on February 14, 2012. This marks the bands first American release via eOne Music and is sure to entice listeners. “Black Waltz” intends to “bring heavy music to the wider masses”. With the make up of hard-hitting riffs, breakdowns and vocals, Avatar is sure to impress the American audience. The band uses many different vocal styles and tempo changes throughout “Black Waltz” which helps to show off the wide range of musical ability the band has to offer. A prime example of this is in the song, “In Napalm”. The different styles and techniques used show the ability of the band to create a unique sound while sticking true to the Avatar style. This song is well rounded and gives the listener a true taste of what the album contains. The vast changes in musical style throughout the album challenge the listener to reformulate expectations and accept the musical style of Avatar. Overall, a very strong debut with catchy riffs, enticing vocals and swings in tempo make this album a must have for any fan of metal. “Black Waltz” will be available via iTunes, Amazon, as well as on the bands Official Site.

Ryan Taylor/ Columbus Wired

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