Assignment: TusCo History Loop COVID-19 Style

Assignment: TusCo History Loop COVID-19 Style


By Giles Kennedy

Family and Travel Columnist

Nearly two hours east of Columbus, beautiful and historical attractions await in Tuscarawas County.

My wife Tanya, myself, and my daughter Hannah made the trip on a June Friday. It was Father’s Day weekend.

The Dennison Railroad Depot Museum is the keystone to these three museums.

A blessing to the community and Ohio History; the Depot also administers The Uhrichsville Clay Museum and Historic Scheonbrunn Village in New Philadelphia.

Each museum had COVID-19 protocol but is open for business…

Dennison’s protocol includes a specific route throughout the museum, wearing face covering and an hour cleaning time between 1-2 p.m.

We started our day at the Over The Rail Diner in the Dennison Depot.

They have great diner fare and open most days the Depot is open. Check their Facebook page for details.


Buying the History Loop tickets is extremely easy; either in person during Dennison Depot hours or online

History Loop Triple Ticket Prices:

Children: $5.00 (ages 7-17)        (a savings of $4.00 a ticket)      

Adults: $15.00                               (a savings of $3.00 a ticket)

Seniors: $10.00                             (a savings of $3.00 a ticket)

“Dreamsville, USA” as it was called during WW II; was a major waypoint for US service men heading to war. The Pennsylvania Railroad’s depot was a great place for Armed Forces personnel. Local volunteers as far as Sugarcreek, Newark, Zanesville and Coshocton served the world famous Salvation Army Canteen in Dennison.

Several former rail cars have been turned into a walking time line for this very point in history; as well as other local history artfacts.

After that, we proceeded to the Uhrichsville Clay Museum. It is currently in the Claymont Community Center building. 

The current home does have a great amount of history of Tuscarawas County clay industry. At one time, Tuscarawas County was the “Clay Capital of the World” with nearly two dozen clay factories.

North of the “Twin Cities”, Scheonbrunn Village is one of the oldest historical sites in the state of Ohio.

It is easy access from Uhrichsville via US 250.


First founded by Moravian settlers from Pennsylvania and Christian Native Americans from Pennsylvania and the area; it was a long time village and trade point.

The Moravian Church in the 1920’s rediscovered the site after years of farming. Although owned by the Ohio Historical Society, the “History Loop” team administrates day to day operations.

Again, you can find more information on all three museums at the following sites.

The Dennison Railroad Depot Museum


A more virtual photo gallery is available on Columbus Wired’s Facebook Page



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