Assignment: Biking and Hiking with Family COVID-19 Style



Biking and Hiking with Family COVID-19 Style

By Giles Kennedy

Family and Travel Columnist


Recently the United States and the world has been ridden by the COVID-19 virus.

With recent restrictions lessening in Ohio, we continue the Assignment series with this installment.

Columbus Wired’s goal with this series bring you fresh content and great ideas for stuff for the family.

We have profiled the past couple years some great places to visit.

This Assignment will over view some profiled; others not to give some pointers when traveling.


Let’s start with a safety and prep list prior to our destinations.

Whether you are hiking or biking; plan your travels accordingly.

While all of the staff of Columbus Wired would agree; if you don’t feel comfortable traveling…don’t.

However; if properly outfitted, a family outing anywhere in the state of Ohio doesn’t have to look at a scene from Mad Max.

1. Have a first aid kit.

Whether you are packing the family bikes on the bike rack or a backpack hitting the trail; have a first aid kit.

Basic antibacterial cream, band aids, anti itch cream, gauze pads, tweezers, small scissors and usually come in a prepackaged one from the store. Using a large baggie with said items also works as well if you have them at home.

2. If biking, a small tool kit.

Once again, some small tool kits can be purchased at stores. But; with the supply lines being challenged; a small socket set, and spare inner-tube for your bike’s size, in a collapsible carry on bag would work great.

3. Bottled water and/or sports drinks

Staying hydrated is key no matter what physical activity you are doing. Whether it be by yourself or the family crew; water is fuel for the body. Staying properly hydrated will keep you going and be more enjoyable.

4. Plan your travels accordingly.

In previous Assignment pieces; we have some places are limited on restrooms. If traveling to a State or Metro Park; call their info office ahead of time. Know where and what is open for restroom facilities. Nothing like rushing to a Speedway or convenience store with the family. It is a rough experience. Plan properly, there are no worries..


Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and many other park districts are opening back up their comfort facilitates. Have baby wipes or disinfectant wipes handy if those facilities are understaffed.

Here are some links to places to visit from our past travels….

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A lot of attractions near hiking and bike trails are back open. But, with any planning; calling ahead to see their COVID-19 standards is best.

In the recent months, my family and I have traveled successfully throughout Ohio. We have planned accordingly and had great day trips.

Always remember plan smartly and safely; you should have a great outing with your family.




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