Another Step for My Beloved Tragedy

Walking out of The Basement last Friday night, the thought that kept running through my brain was, “I think I sold My Beloved Tragedy short last time.”  That last time being four months ago, when I saw them for the first time.  When I left that show, I felt I had seen a good young band finding its way through the Columbus music scene.  Leaving Friday night, I realized I had seen a band that knows who they are, and where they are going.With an enthusiastic crowd packed around the stage, My Beloved Tragedy kicked off with the crowd pleasing “Breakdown,” and its deadly combo of

Photo Credit: Steve Leibrand ; Columbus Wired

irresistible hook and shout-a-long chorus.  Not giving the audience a moment to breather they followed it up with “Die with the Summer.”  It was around here in the concert, I realized I missed something. Lead singer, McCants, is a great front man and singer, but their rhythm guitarist Dillard is no slouch either on vocals.  There are tons of bands that would kill to have either of them be the lead singer in their band.  That leads to another thing I missed.  My Beloved Tragedy actually have three strong vocalists as showcased in their song “The Battlefield” where McCants, and Dillard let their drummer, Oswald, show off his vocals.  But, My Beloved Tragedy isn’t a vocal trio.  They are a rock band through and through.  That means you need a lead guitarist like Tommy D.  Take his tapping solo on “Everything Falls Apart,” or the tight Judas like riff he and Dillard put down on “Pure.”  Then you have Oswald and bassist Burfield being the anchor, so Tommy D and McCants can go play.

Photo Credit: Steve Leibrand ; Columbus Wired

Another moment that indicated the state of this band was in how they ended their set.  After playing through an awesome re-worked “Ohio Sky” and “Moving Forward,” McCants said they had two more songs to fit in before the midnight deadline.  I glanced at my watch and wondered how they were going to do it in less than ten minutes.  Sure enough they blasted their way through a cover of The Starting Line’s “Best of Me,” and their perfect closer “Start at the End,” with over a minute to spare.  They didn’t dally, or short shrift the audience who paid to see them.  They squeezed in as much rock n roll as they could, and they did it very well.

So, I’m sorry My Beloved Tragedy.  I gave you a good review last time, but I still feel I sold you short.  My Beloved Tragedy is a tightly constructed band that knows how to write a hook and throws everything they have into a show.  Simply…they rock.  I’m looking forward to seeing this band continue to progress, and take that next step which should be around January when their new album drops.

Bradford Iten; Columbus Wired

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  • Ryan

    great band.. wish someone would sign them so they could get some exposure… Definitely better than half of the indie stuff I hear on a daily basis.

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