A Trip Back with The 1975

Review by Michael Gutierrez, Photos by Tim Kubick

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Walking to the LC from a nearby parking garage, I heard the roar from the Clippers game. That combined with the brisk night lent a feeling of autumn to the air. But stepping foot inside the venue made me realize that summer was here, and the time for outdoor concerts is now. Even on a chilly spring night, the fans came out in droves to catch this tour stop at the LC Pavilion downtown. The crowd packed themselves tight into the pit, and flooded the lawn seating to catch The 1975, Bad Suns, and Sir Sly.

Sir Sly - Photo by Tim Kubick

Sir Sly – Photo by Tim Kubick

Sir Sly opened up this concert, and immediately began banging out their trademark sound. Most songs tend to have a darker pop sound, driven by a droning synths down below and minor chords on the keys played above.

Bad Suns trotted out on stage next, and boy were they ready to play. From the first note, their sound mixed well together, with all the musical lines fitting together like puzzle pieces into one great work. Their unique style, blending intricate musical lines and catchy lyrics, is fresh to hear. Songs like Cardiac Arrest and their new song Dancing On Quicksand have a great groove to them, and make you want to get up and dance along. The band, led by singer/guitarist Christo Bowman, had a great presence on the stage, and seemed very personable.

Bad Suns - Photo by Tim Kubick

Bad Suns – Photo by Tim Kubick

The 1975 - Photo by Tim Kubick

The 1975 – Photo by Tim Kubick

And last, but not least, came The 1975. The crowd was ready, and eager for this one to start. A droning chord played on a synth signaled their entrance, and they came out hard after that. Their sound is a timeless, fitting in as well with the 80s as it does now. Their set had a great flow, and front man Matt Healy had a great control over the audience. They were eating out of the palm of his hand. Even in the back of the crowd people were dancing to the music. Upbeat songs were the norm, with songs like M.O.N.E.Y and Girls driving their electro-pop sound, and Heart Out had them bring out a saxophone to give a jazzier feel. The 1975 also switched it up, bringing out slower jams such as Fallingforyou, prompting the lighters to come out. After exiting the stage, the band returned for a great encore, playing crowd favorites Chocolate and Sex to round out the night.

Overall, the show was a fantastic one to catch. The one thing that stood out to me most was how appreciative all the bands were to be playing for such a crowd. And with bands like these, who wouldn’t want to come out to support them? Don’t miss these guys next time they roll into town. You won’t regret it.

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