2017 Zachariah’s Reunion w/McGuffey Lane & friends

The marquee at Express Live had an old familiar name for Saturday, Jan 28th … McGuffey Lane and their annual Zachariah’s Reunion show.

The doors opened at 7 and by 7:30, 2,200+ fans had filled the venue and were ready for a night with one of their favorite bands and a number of special guest’s … Delyn Christian, Ray Pauken, George Mobley, Phillip Fox and Jesse Henry all took turns covering songs from artists that had graced the Zachariah’s stage at one time or another (and would return for a packed stage finale at the end of the evening).

The longstanding lineup of Steve Reis, Terry Efaw, John Schwab, Randy Huff, Jerry Cummings, Molly Pauken and Kevin Reed were also joined by former members Dave Robins and Casey McKeown for what turns into a 2+ hour singalong with most of the crowd knowing every word (chorus and verse). All and all, one for the ages … now give Judy time to catch her breath and make your reservations for 2018!

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